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My first deer gun was a 50 caliber Kentucky style carbine that came in a kit. It was all there, but I had to sand down the stock and add a finish to bring out the grain in the wood. Thank goodness the barrel and receiver was already blued because I was not good at metal finishing. Cheap Black powder muzzleloader deer hunting season always started two weeks before the general centerfire rifle season did. Uberti Pietta revolvers. I always liked the primitive hunting season more because the weather was a little warmer and the game more active. Saving Lives Guns News

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My pet peeve was guys that would dress like Davey Crockett and hide in bushes. So many times I had someone in my sights that was wearing buck-skin clothes. Stupid fools should at least wear an orange hat! I am sure a 50 cal ball would hurt like hell! Of course an 45 caliber or 58 caliber would cause pain too. Uberti Handguns Pietta revolvers.

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Best 9mm Pistols Walther Springfield CZ Last year I got my biggest buck yet. It had 7 points on one side and 6 points on the other. For a white tail buck it was huge. At first I thought it could be an Elk or mule deer. It was so big that I could not drag it to camp all by myself. We still have some in the freezer and feast on it at least once a week. I still need to get the antlers mounted.

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Cheap Black Powder Guns Brands: CVA Optima CVA Buckhorn 209 Magnum Elkhorn Pro 209 Pro Bolt Action buy CVA Wolf 209 Primer caps CVA Accura V2 209 Magnum Break-Action, Traditions Hawken Vortek Traditions Pursuit Traditions Buckstalker Evolution, Lyman Great Plains Hunter Rifle Lyman Trade Great Plains Rifle Lyman Deerstalker Mustang Breakaway 209, Uberti Pietta revolvers Thompson Center Arms Omega TCA Triumph TC Impact Thompson Center TC Tracker Knight Mountaineer Ultra-Lite DISC Extreme Knight Bighorn Littlehorn TK2000 Long Range Hunter and Knight Wolverine. Low Cost Deer Hunting Rifles Remington Ruger Savage Survival Food Equipment Gear Bunkers Shelters Low Cost Furniture Mattress Futon Bed Chair Table